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UCLA is number No surprise there considering the campus is nearly 36 percent Asian American, 29 percent white, 17 percent Latino and 4 percent African American. Ranked number one is Rutgers which has an enrollment of 42 percent white, 20 percent Asian, 12 percent Latino and 10 percent African American. You can check out the complete top 10 list on LA Weekly. From servantonice via Twitter: RE: Top 10 college campuses for interracial dating: my alma mater is not on the list, I know it before I even click the link. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy.

LA Weekly: Top 10 College Campuses for Interracial Dating

Georgia State is one of many colleges whose campus is crawling with diverse couples. From different ages to mixed races, almost every kind of couple is found at Georgia State. Living in the city means that the mixing of cultures is unavoidable.

That’s because interracial marriages weren’t legalized in the U.S. until “It seems that the rates of interracial dating on college campuses are.

A study of college students at a large California university has found that people in interracial relationships tend to be more attractive than those dating someone of the same ethnicity. An initial survey of undergraduate students found interracial daters rated themselves more positively and thought their partners viewed them more positively. Compared to intraracial daters, interracial daters perceived that their partners saw them as more attractive, intelligent, affectionate, and trustworthy, the researchers found.

Interracial daters were again rated more positively by their partners compared to intraracial daters. In a third experiment, the researchers photographed interracial and intraracial couples. Ten research assistants then viewed the faces of individual participants and rated their level of attractiveness.

Interracial dating on college campuses

Michael W. Interracial dating on American campuses has had a relatively stormy past. Until the past three decades or so, it was outlawed in some states.

Georgia State is one of many colleges whose campus is crawling with diverse couples. From different ages to mixed races, almost every kind of.

InterracialMatch named Rutgers the top school for interracial dating. New Brunswick — Rutgers University may lure potential students with its academic rigor and acclaimed faculty, but a new survey says it’s also a great school to get a date with someone of a different race. InterracialMatch, a dating website, named the university the top school in the nation for interracial dating. About 45 percent of Rutgers’ student population is white, while about 20 percent are Asian, 12 percent are Latino, 10 percent are African-American, six percent are international and seven percent are listed as other, according to the school’s website.

Stanford University in California earned the second spot, followed by St. The New Jersey Institute of Technology wasn’t too far behind, claiming the 6th spot. The dating site examined questionnaires from 15, of its users who had an “.

Colorblind: Georgia State students share their interracial relationship experiences

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The issue of interracial (and other types of cross-cultural) dating has been an increasing topic on college campuses. Rates of inter-dating are increasing, leading.

When I was in middle school, a boy in my class — who happened to be white — told me that he liked me. I had identified closer with a lion than I had with any other female protagonist from a Disney movie. Because of this, I grew skeptical of the advances of males of a different race. Now, why is interracial dating such a hot topic at Princeton? I believe this interest comes from four factors: 1 prevalence in media; 2 the novelty of visible differences; 3 frustration with the dating scene; and 4 growing interest and awareness of discussion of race in general.

I will explain what all these factors mean below please note that I am writing only in the viewpoint of a black heterosexual woman :. Scandal , a show starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, has gained quite a following on campus. For whatever reason, this show was not as successful and was cancelled after one season. Why is it so easy to instantly discern interracial couples?

Today’s college students see no problem with multiracial relationships

A commitment to interracial dating. Cross-Cultural dating, and we found on college. Cross-Cultural dating or racial attitudes and to 17 percent of interracial marriage?

Introduction. Colleges around the United States are enrolling a growing number of Black campus when Black males are recognized for Blackness while white females are viewed Perspectives of interracial dating at a predominantly white.

Haley M. Salley , Winthrop University Follow. We hypothesized that interracial couples would be perceived more negatively than same-race couples, that survey participants would find those of the same race more attractive, and that they would be more willing to date within their race. Our participants were from a convenience sample of 77 females, 22 males, and 3 non-binary individuals, most of whom attend Winthrop University.

We displayed a photo of an interracial couple and measured perceived levels of commitment, satisfaction, and physical intimacy. Next, we showed a same-race couple and measured the same variables. Then, we displayed a series of photos of similarly attractive people and asked the participants to rank their attraction to each photo along with their willingness to date the person photographed. Then, we asked for the background of the participants, including their numbers of interracial and same-race relationships.

Finally, we asked a series of demographic questions measuring gender, race, and age.


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Academic journal article College Student Journal. Four-hundred-eighty-six university students completed a confidential questionnaire designed to assess a multitude of aspects of their current and past dating relationships. The overall results of the survey and the importance to college personnel and students are given.

The issue of interracial and other types of cross-cultural dating has been an increasing topic on college campuses. Rates of inter-dating are increasing, leading some institutions to examine their policies and services for their students. Recently, Bob Jones University, a fundamentalist Christian University just dropped its controversial ban of interracial dating of its students.

Russo reported that interracial couples occur most frequently in university towns, cities, and large states with diverse populations. This paper will explore the issue of interracial, interfaith, and intercultural dating on college campuses.

Mixing to Match: Students Talk Interracial Dating at BC

Had Kim Kardashian and Kanye West gotten married 48 years ago, they would have probably been met with more policemen than paparazzi. Interracial relationships are more common than ever. In , just 0. Nowhere is the growing acceptance and practice of multiracial relationships more common than on college campuses.

UCLA is number No surprise there considering the campus is nearly 36 percent Asian American, 29 percent white, 17 percent Latino and 4.

The author writes that approximately 1. These figures are used in a context leading the reader to believe that substantial changes have taken place on the path to a more integrated society and the number of interracial marriages could be used as an indicator. Unfortunately, the actual numbers do not paint a very optimistic picture. The numbers used in the article were for all interracial marriages. Yes, change has occurred over the past three decades. But whether or not these numbers represent movement toward a color-blind society is debatable.

Very little research has been done on interracial couples. Research by Dr. Tom Monahan on upstate New York interracial couples over two decades ago and my own research on college campuses indicate that there are unique circumstances that lead to the formation of interracial couples. Monahan found that as the number of African American people increased in a given geographic area relative to Whites, the number of interracial couples actually decreased.

Exploratory research I conducted last year on a small, private college campus indicated that White women who date interracially tend not to be less involved in formal social organizations on campus — such as sororities — than the general student population.

Fliers Condemning Interracial Dating Found on College Campuses

There is no reason we should be labeled a good time, or an experience needed. We are amazing witty, charismatic and have a glow that no other race can come close to. So enjoy college, even if it is just with your friends. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

We use the inclusive term intercultural because both interracial and Furthermore, college campuses are depicted as places where individuals of many.

To improve your visit to our site, take a minute and upgrade your browser. Board of Education. Bob Jones, in Greenville, South Carolina, is a niche school. But the story of how Bob Jones lost its non-profit status offers timely insight into the contemporary religious right. Nor was it an outlier at the time. Bob Jones received numerous warnings from the federal government and ignored each of them, but when the IRS finally rescinded its status the religious right reacted with outrage, as Balmer recounts:.

As Elmer L. Bob Jones ended its ban a mere 17 years ago—right before then-President George W. Bush visited campus. The Lord moves in not-so-mysterious ways.

SWIRLING: Interracial Relationships in College

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